Lingshou County Antai Mining Co.,Ltd is formerly known as Lingshou County Hengsheng Mineral Powder Factory, located in Ciyu town Lingshou county .Our company specialized in producing filling grade mica powder, barite powder, sericite powder as the lead products and other mineral fillers as supplements. We are the specialized mineral powder processing enterprises. We have professional highly reasonable MICA-stripping crushing equipment. Depending on the unique advantage of mica, we can produce the dry ground mica powder and wet ground mica powder. Especially wet ground mica powder has advantage of pure texture, ruled shape, smooth surface, high white, high gloss, small loose density, big HAR compared to dry ground mica powder. Mica powder shows high physical properties as the filling material, so it is widely used for thermal insulation, special paints, coatings, plastics, rubber, cosmetics and many other industrial sectors. From products getting into the market, it is popular in domestic and abroad. Especially the wet ground 325 mica is exported to Japan, Korea, the United States, Europe and other markets. 
The barite powder and sericite powder are mainly products of our company . Each has its strong points: The barite has high purity and bright after  processing to certain degree of fineness. Besides it plays important role as the common filling material in industrial chemicals, It also can replace parts of the white pigment, the precipitated barium sulfate and so on; The sericite has the same natural sheet structure with the mica, even well-known in its unique tiny sheet structure.So it is easy to be peeled.The sericite has been widely applied in rubber, plastic, coating, ceramics, welding rod professions and so on.
Our company has our own independent labs, so we can control product quality effectively; The professional and technical persons help us in researching and developing of new products and applications. It is our unique advantages. We sincerely look forward to create the magic future with you.

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